2014 Bra Education Day!

On June 28, 2014, we hosted a bra education and distribution gathering in a classroom of Succotz R.C. School in the village of San Jose Succotz! We were so fortunate to meet and talk with over 150 women from Succotz and some that traveled from Corozal District and Belmopan, Belize. Each lady received a good quality and well-fitting bra along with a brochure of information about bra fitting, sizing, and most importantly, breast health and self-exams.

education      fitting

Over 260 bras were collected in the US from gently-used donations and new purchases made with cash donations. Available bra sizes ranged from 32AA to 40JJ to accommodate a wide variety of sizes and shapes. We also collected a variety of bra types to ensure a good range for choice and preference.

Bra boxes

The remaining bras not distributed in Succotz were donated to the village clinic of Georgeville, Belize. At the local clinic, these bras will be distributed to rural women who receive pregnancy care or other treatment.


We had a great deal of volunteers and those who offered help to this project. Thanks to all these folks for their support, help, and encouragement …

to Succotz R.C. School for hosting us in one of the classrooms
to Derwin Carabal for his design skills, big smile, and drive even after a long night in the hospital
to Colin Enriquez for colorful, punctual printing and wonderful enthusiasm
to Ethan Lopez for excellent ballon decorations, English spelling advice, and all around cuteness
to Bernadette Cap for serving as photographer, being a great slogan developer, and for donations
to Rachel Horowitz for being a measuring fiend and ever-willing Spanish speaker
to Christie Kokel Rodriguez for her measuring and organizational skills, being a chaos rangler and cheerleader
to Whitney Lytle for becoming a measuring expert and being a bra mule
to Jenn Cochran for lack of grumpiness, newfound optimism, and donations
to Kat Brown, Jason Yaeger, and JC Yaeger for donations and support
to Dominic Juan for overcoming his skepticism and serving as Spanish composition consultant
to Benny’s Kitchen for spreading the word about Bra Education Day

Thank you to all donors, supporters, volunteers, and ladies of Succotz!