Succotz Fairs

Fajina Archaeology Outreach is committed to engaging with local communities dependent upon and personally invested in the archaeological sites that we investigate. One of the most fun ways that we do this is through the Succotz Archaeology and Cultural Fairs! We organize summertime fairs free to all folks in Succotz, and across Cayo district in Belize, interested in archaeology and cultural heritage. Fairs include:

  • Educational and engaging activities for kids
  • Educational activities and lectures for adults
  • Archaeologically-relevant performances
  • Musical performances
  • Give-aways and prizes





We initiated the Succotz Archaeology and Cultural Fairs in 2015. The 2nd Annual Fair in 2016 expanded greatly and we hosted over 300 visitors! The 2nd Annual Fair also hosted the first performance of the Yo Creek Maya Ballplayers in Cayo District!



The 3rd Annual Fair to come in summer 2017 will focus on the theme of food. We are currently organizing activities focused on the archaeology of food! The fair will also host a local food fiesta to celebrate the culinary heritage of Succotz!