To the Mountain! Audiobook

The Yucatec Maya Audiobook of To the Mountain! was produced in 2017-2018 in collaboration with Frank Tzib, United Pentecostal School of San Antonio, Belize, and Emilio Calderon of The University of Texas at Arlington. The project was funded by a Literacy Grant from Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society.

Listen to the audiobook © Fajina Archaeology Outreach 2018

Download the audiobook © Fajina Archaeology Outreach 2018

Frank Tzib’s Introductory Message:

Ox Mul Kah, le kahil bak’pachtaan tumen ya’ax witzo’ob le kahil tu’ux u pahtal a kuxtal ye’etel le ka’xo’obo’, be xane’ tu’ux le kahnalilo’ob ku meyaho’ob sansamal uti’al u li’iso’ob u uuchben masewal miatzile’. Ku chunuk ye’etal le xch’upalo’ob ku meyaho’ob ichil nah, ku meyaho’ob uti’al u beetal le ki’ wah. Bey xan le mayahil ku meyaho’ob chich ichil kool tu yanal le choko k’ino’, ku pak’iko’ob nal, bu’ul ye’etel ku’um yoolal u moliko’ob xnuk icho’ob. Ku meyaho’ob xan le mako’obo’ ku beetal le xaak mis, u nuukul pax, p’ok, k’a’an ye’etel kuumo’ob. Lo’one’ le kahnalilo’ob Ox Mul Kahe’ kik baetik tula’akal e lelo’ yo’olal ma’ ik tuubsik. Bey xan tumen to’one’ u alabo’olil ik miatzile’, behlae’ ik meyah lo’one’ ka ik li’isik ik ta’an ich masewa’ xan. Yaan ik kuxtal ye’etel kambal ma’ chen tik huunal, ba’ale’ uti’al xan ik kiko’ob, ik sukuno’ob ye’etel tulakal le mako’obo’ max tak, kaniko’ob xan. Tulakalo’on yanik aantal.

San Antonio, the village surrounded by beautiful green mountains, a place where you can interact with nature, where the villagers work everyday to preserve their ancient Maya culture. Beginning with the ladies working inside the house, they work so they can make the delicious corn tortillas. The workers work hard in the farm under the hot sun. They plant corn, beans, and squash so that they can reap big fruits. Working also are the persons making traditional baskets, brooms, musical instruments, hats, hammocks, and pottery vases. We, the villagers of San Antonio, take this in practice so that we may not forget it. Now, it is our duty to preserve our Maya language. We should live and learn not only for ourselves but also our sisters, brothers, and anyone who pleases to learn. We should all cooperate.