U Baaxal Ox Mul Kah

“The Game of the Place of the Three Hills” is coming soon for purchase!

This is a Yucatec Maya card game created to encourage people of all ages to continue speaking the language. Ox Mul Kah, meaning “Place of the Three Hills,” is the name of San Antonio village, Belize. The game was created in collaboration with Frank Tzib from Ox Mul Kah. The students and staff of United Pentecostal School of San Antonio also contributed to the development of the game.

Yucatec Maya Pronunciation Guide coming soon!

Frank Tzib created the translations for Yucatec Maya, as spoken in Belize, and the logosyllabic hieroglyph featured on the back of each card. The game was designed by Samuel Pacheco, an artist in Texas. The vision serpent deity image on each of the color cards was drawn from Lintel 15 from Yaxchilan, Mexico.